Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wednesday, 4 march - yesterday we took the 'JUNGLE QUEEN CRUISE' which took us up the intercoastal up to the new river and onto an island with some beautiful and some scarey animals. the top photo is us ready to board the paddle boat, which a fisherman kindly offered to take of us all together (if you'll notice i still had a piece of a sandwich which i was trying to finish before we boarded and didn't realize that someone was going to take a photo of us, i was taking one of laura & justin and he offered)! unfortunately the birds and monkey are in cages and as you can see i haven't quite figured out yet how to make the cage disappear, only with the yellow bird did i manage it!
and the last photo of this humungous alligator was not farther than 2 arms lengths away from us, but very glad that there was a cement wall about chest high in between us!!!

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