Monday, November 9, 2009

i took a walk today outside today...

i usually do my walk on the treadmill, but since it was such a gorgous day i decided to go outside and walk and grabbed my camera at the last minute! it's amazing what you see with a camera with you that you might not notice if you were just walking. here are a few of the things i saw along the way. if i did not have my 200 lens on i could have gotten rid of that fence in this first shot, but since i had to back up to focus in on the seeds it's there, but i love the shot anyways!

then there were these berries, red and blue and i saw black ones too, but they were kinda dead and shrivelled up.

and this little baby cone that will grow big and fall off the tree next year.

and then i stopped to take this shot of the reflection of this cement block wall in the creek and look what was sitting there all by himself! i was so excited i told a man who was walking by with his dog and he came over and threw a rock into the creek so that it would fly for me.

i would have kicked myself if i had of gone on this walk without my camera, lesson to me, walk softly with a big camera!!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice photo's and wasn't it just a beautiful day.
    Love that last heron shot,perfect sultry colours.