Wednesday, April 22, 2009

21st and 22nd april
since all day tuesday was spent in the hospital, what better subject for my photo but my dh's heart monitor. see how low it is, that's why he needed a pacemaker which he got last night and is now on the mend! luckily i had my point & shoot camera in my bag! ;)
and for today's shot, i ran out the back this morning before i left for the hospital and snapped this shot, with the bell guy up the pole in the back probably wondering what the heck i was taking a photo of, but you can actually see the purple now, so it won't be long before the back yard is smelling divinely lilac!

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  1. Look at the funky orange wall in the hospital !! All things are blooming here so I think today I'll go revisit my buds at the back.

    Thinking of you :)