Monday, December 14, 2009

day 12 and 13...

busy, busy weekend so i didn't even have time to post my photos!

nathalie had sunday's challenge and it was for a 'lot of something the same' and that worked very well for me since we had our annual cookie bake yesterday and made oodles of yummy cookies.

i had the first challenge on saturday and i figured that since we are always behind the camera, it would be fun to see us for a change and warned ruth that a camera could not be in front of her face for this shot, ;)! elki wanted very much to pose with me, could anyone refuse her!!! ;)

take a look at nathalie's photos here and ruth's here!


  1. Cool shots Patti! Seems like both of us couldn't refuse some company for our pictures. :) My challenge just happened to be right on the spot for you this weekend. All those cookies look yummy. :)

  2. Love the picture of you and Elki.
    Gosh,look at all those cookies.......everyone must be set for the season....hope it was fun :)