Thursday, June 11, 2009

11 june - my turn again!

i had to change my challenge today since they are calling for rain later on, so i chose one of the others on my list and that is 'a sign with no wording, but we all know what it means'. there is probably a word for this, but i can't come up with it, so here's mine, because i'll be out for the rest of the day! it was in our own backyard, can't wait to see what ruth and julie come up with!


  1. could it be a pictogram? Anyway, good choice! Fits the bill nicely and in your own backyard to boot! I just went out for a walk around the block because I had an idea. Got a couple of shots but will only post them tonight probably.

  2. Universal symbol sign thingy !
    Very good choice.
    Ok I have mine too I hope,mine's an actual sign.