Thursday, June 25, 2009

25 june - 'heat'

julie's challenge today was 'heat' and didn't say we had to interpret any certain way, so since justin was here and the only way to beat the heat was in the pool, here is my shot of him enjoying his day in the pool! ruth's will be here.

plus i loved this shot of him with the collection of the hail that he had collected after the storm that came through here fast and furious just when we sat down for supper. i guess i was kinda excited too since the hail is not in focus, but i just loved justin's face because it was so cold!


  1. Cool shot of Justin in the pool,days like today I have major pool envy :)

    You had hail ? We just got thunder/lightening and a 2 minute rain shower.........thats a cute picture indeed!

  2. Boy, the way the water shapes him he looks just like his grandpa! Very appropriate shot, I'd have done the same had I had any visitors. Love his hail shot, what a true expression he has. I know we got heavy rain here but I was inside so I don't know if we got any hail.

  3. I didn't realize that there was hail! We were at the dentist while it happened... The lights were flickering and Pat was wondering if the dentist would be able to finish his work! LOL

    Great pictures. I really love Justin's expression! :)