Monday, June 29, 2009

29 june - 'blue'

my last challenge and it was 'blue', and i was hoping to get a shot of the moon tonight in a very blue sky, NOT! what is with this awful weather! grrr...anyways we brought elki home after going over for birthday cake for lisa's birthday yesterday and she was very 'blue' this morning when she looked out the window and saw ALL the rain. ;)

then just before lunch reg suggested that i take a shot of her from the outside, but she would not co-operate, so i took a photo of him being blue not being able to go play golf today and he had a blue shirt on!

you can check out ruth's and julie's here!


  1. Too funny! Love the twist on the challenge for today! You guys are good! Almost done! :)

  2. Funny indeed :)I had the feeling blue thought too but never caught either of the boys looking remotely blue :)