Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3rd june and it's ruth's turn

and her challenge is 'numbers' which we could interpret any which way we wanted. when i first read it, i thought, oooo another hard one, but then i remembered that it was our anniversary today and so i went down to make reg a card and ended up using thickers, and so now i can kill 2 birds with one stone, as they saw. with this card, it will be my photo of the day and i can enter it into the a.c. blog challenge! :) yeah!!! ruth's is here and this is julie's.

oh crap, i was just going to link this card on the a.c. blog and re-read the challenge and it had to be a birthday card, oh well next time!!! :(


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  2. Well, two out of three isn't too bad either! LOL Love the look of your card Patti and I think that it's a great take on Ruth's challenge! =)

  3. At first i thought I'd click on your wrong blog !!
    Great idea for the challenge and lovely card too.

  4. Ugh, you've attracted a spammer to your blog! Don't tell me we're going to have to start approving our comments. :(
    Anyhoo, great card even if you couldn't use it for the AC challenge. Happy Anniversary again!

  5. Great challenge and it sure was perfect ! Congrats my friend, hope you enjoyed the sushi :) and it was great power walking with you ladies this week.